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Thread: Quick Question: Manda Fu size - any concerns?

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    Quick Question: Manda Fu size - any concerns?

    Hi all,

    I fed some Manda Fu to my fish today because I just ran out of Hikari Wheat Germ and I'm awaiting my next shipment of food.

    Will the larger size of the Manda Fu be dangerous to my smaller koi? I think that the Manda Fu is especially digestible, and I believe that koi should be able to grind it up pretty good to digest it.

    But I am concerned about how it "expands" in the water. Should there be any concern that the Manda Fu will get stuck in my smaller fish's gut? If so, anything I can do now? (Obviously it's one of those, "Whoops, should I have done that?" type of situations)...



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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
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    Chris, the size can be easily broken into smaller bits for the younger koi. once it softens up they can even tear it apart quite easily. I wouldn't worry too much about feeding it as i've never heard of any consequences.

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    Jumbo bighatbulls's Avatar
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    Dick, does koi food expand in teh fish's stomach like dog food expands in a dog's stomach?

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