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Thread: Official 15th Annual Louisville AKCA Koi & Goldfish Show

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    Dec 2006
    For all of us who couldn't get there, has anybody got pictures of all the winning fish? I need my fish fix!!!

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    Camby, Indiana
    Quote Originally Posted by pskorf View Post
    side note if its hot on sunday wear a swimsuit.
    someones kid started a water fight then other kids (much bigger) joined in.
    Hey, Paul, she started it...she just have to learn I am as big of a kid as any and I always win. When she walked up to me to tell me bye and give me a hug, she never noticed the water bottle I already had underneath the same arm. I am always thinking ahead for sneak attacks. Hopefully she dried out by the time she got home. But the look on her face was priceless.

    Would just like to say thank you to everybody in the Louisville Club and everyone that brought fish. I had a great time judging this year. And also to Charles and Carolyn for hosting the event. There is a lot of work (82 gallons of paint by hand) put into this event and they have been very busy. Carolyn's roses looked beautiful this year (give her back her hose now so she can water them).

    NMZNA Koi & Goldfish Show and Pond Expo - Indianapolis
    June 19-21, 2009
    Season's Gardens in Fishers, IN

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    Oct 2006
    It was another great show. Thanks to everyone in the GLKGS club which puts on this great event and a special thanks to Troy for coordination and to our great hosts, Carolyn and Charles Phelps. Their place looks as wonderful as it always does. I hope to be back next year

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    Jun 2006
    Before this Thread comes to a end I want to Thank all The Hobbyist that supported our Club & Show this past weekend .

    Many of you after driving hour after hour , came straight to the Show instead of the Hotel so you could help with final details of the Show . This to me shows a true Love for the Hobby .

    After seeing first hand the support and Love for this Hobby at our Show and the weekend before at the Seminar the AKCA & Our Koi Hobby will remain forever strong .

    Thank You ,

    Troy Head (President GLK&GS)

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