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Thread: Comments on this koi food?

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    Quote Originally Posted by poisonXvenom View Post
    umm 50 pounds for like 100$ free shipping... I've been using MAZURI koi pellets which were sold at the local feed store at 20$ for a 40 lb bag... It had corn meal and like 30% protein in it so I'm trying to switch....
    Like CG said, not much of a bargain stacked up against the BWC feed of known quality. The Mazuri Platinum nuggets do contain corn and I wouldn't feed it either. The Mazuri Platinum WHEAT nuggets contain zero corn and I use it as a spring and fall staple since it is readily available locally and the date is stamped clearly on the bags to ensure myself it is fresh.
    There are several ToMiGai feeds at different price points and their "modest" protein offering is still better than the Mazuri feeds and high quality ingredients.

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    I think the first thing that we might have missed is at what stage of development are your koi? Are they fry, yearlings, 2 year olds, older?

    One thing to keep in mind, younger koi need the most ammount of protien (muscle builder) and fat (quick energy), but as the koi's growth levels off those ammounts should be reduced.

    According to "Koi for Dummies" and the pannel here can contest this if they want the best form of protien for koi comes from soy beans and fish meal. You should stay away from animal protien because it is harder to digest.

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