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Thread: Split dorsal fin

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    Split dorsal fin

    I have a showa with a split dorsal fin. The split goes about 2/3rds the way down the fin. I thought I would just leave it alone. I've done that before and its healed on its own. But its been about 2 months and it has not healed. What have you used successfully on the dorsal fin to correct a split?

    Mike Pfeffer

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    Do you have any pictures of the dorsal ?

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    Sep 2005
    a few years back my male Asagi jumped thru the netting and I found him flopping around on top of it...he had spit his dorsal and pec fins in several places--took it along time to heal---but, it did....

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    Somewhat like this?

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    Salt to .3%, elbagin at 10 grams per ton (264 US gallons) and heat to 78F
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    After 2 months, my concern is that the edges have healed and the split is now permanent. I have seen permanent splits on older fish. Young fish seem to reconnect the full fin more quickly. I have no suggestions.

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