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Thread: help ammonia!

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    i new there where some issues like that i thought it was less of a risk than ammonia poisining. what should i do to reduce the risk and shouldent the filtartion take most of the dead algae out?

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    keep it simple

    increase your cleaning schedule to flush out dead organics and make sure there are no dead spots in your pond with a mulm build up. that part is easy. the real key here is to get your ammonia monitored regularly and get your biofiltration up and effective.

    its a simple fact with respect to the nitrogen cycle that if you have a good pond water ratio of 20 gallons per pound of fish or more, 60 is great, 80 is wonderful, a good flow rate through the system that is goldilocks solid (not too hot, not too cold), a good maintenance schedule, and effective mechanical and biological filtration the only problem the pond should give you is you will drown if you get drunk and fall in.

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    Some of us even manage to fall in sober...

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