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Thread: Coming soon . . .

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    Honmei KoiCop's Avatar
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    May 2005
    Southern California

    Coming soon . . .

    Hello . . .

    Thought you might like to see a screen shot of the Joint AKCA/KoiUSA Google Calendar that's being developed on our test site. Eventually it will be displayed on both web sites, eliminating the need to keep two separate sets of books -- and trying to keep them synched. LOL

    If you click on an event, you can drill down and learn (here's one example):

    Title: Midwest Pond and Koi Society 18th Annual Koi Show & American Breeders ShowWhen: July 09, 2010 - July 11, 2010Location: Darien SportsplexDescription: Darien Sportsplex, 451 Plainfield Road, Darien IL
    Contact: Bryan Bateman @ [email protected]

    Furthermore, you'll be shown a Google Map where you can get step by step directions to the location!

    Fascinating stuff this technology, eh?

    A great big thank you is due to our development team, especially to Dale Gingerich.(our Web Master) and Nancy Morales (our Google Calendar Keeper).

    Happy Fathers Day everyone! Don & Brenda
    Don Chandler
    Member: AKCA, ZNA, KoiUSA

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    Nice idea!

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    Apr 2009
    Very good.. it's a need. Thank you for your efforts, Nancy and Dale.

    I wasn't able to track koi events before. So I came up with a website, www.koicalendar.com to track koi events around the world. It's a contribution of calendar events. So one person is not involved in adding the events. Its a group effort to track the event.


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    Tosai Koikeeper2you's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    Lakewood, California Los Angeles County

    Talking Great idea Don

    Looking forward to seeing it.

    LCpl Cameron

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