I'm not sure Ted. I know 2 of the showa were purchased, but the one that caught everyone's eye initially went back to the tank I believe. (funny thing when Grant doesn't even mention that one it sort of fell out of favor quickly)

Totally agree with the SFF and eating thing. I did find mine quite shy and "darty" at first but after the chag taught them the benefits of just floating around the surface with your mouth open they quickly slowed down and started staying where the food was.

I look forward to seeing "two-face" in the show this september. And I agree that it was educational and interesting to see how quickly Grant tossed aside size and pattern and focused on quality. It was an eye opener watching and hearing him judge. Also, how he evaluated the koi was cool. The way he never focused on one thing (like pattern/confirmation/color) The whole koi and the focal point seemed to be his guiding principle. I found it very interesting how he can walk through looking in each tank quickly and he already knows where the best koi are. Takes years and years to have an eye that well trained.