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Thread: Large Indoor Water Features

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    Large Indoor Water Features

    Water features add beauty to many establishments. It also gives benefits to us. It is not only for beautification but also it helps in our daily living. For example a pond, it helps people by producing fishes.

    Lastly, please correct me if I'm wrong, water feature helps in relaxing and can serve as anti-stress.
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    positive 'qi'

    I was in a hotel lobby using the community computer to check up on bito the other day. A Oriental employee saw a picture of a pond with carp on the screen as she passed by. She stopped with a large smile and said "Oh, feng shui....very important in my country". I looked at her and said "what? "
    Feng Shui: the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics using the laws of Haeven and the Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi.

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    Absolutely! I think of the presence of a body of water wth koi gliding just below the surface to be just like Music for the human spirit. I wrote a piece in the wall street journal about that experience and you wouldn't believe the response the newspaper got from that simple point! It obviously stuck a cord!

    The practical drawbacks of indoor water features however are many-- humidity problems, mold, maintenance difficulties and maintaining koi colors and general health ( as indoor facilities tend to be small and cramped).

    I'd look at indoor features as --- displays. And as such, they are created for an impression. An Impression that is mostly illusion as, over time, they don't tend to remain pristine and restful/peaceful-- not without real planning and a serious high energy approach to maintenance. It can be done and I've seen some real success stories. But the owners are unique in that they find peace and relaxation in the demanding restoration maintenance required to keep the illusion of pure 'untouched' nature as we want to imagine it to be . JR

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