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Thread: Sick Fish....help

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    Sick Fish....help

    Took my kohaku to loolilocks for a scrape as it had a wound on it. Upon inspection from loolilocks they said the fish had the start of dropsy and said it was early stages so we injected with baytril. The wound has cleared up completely, yet the fish seems to be doing worse. The skin at the back is flaky and appears to be pealing off. The fins seems to be disintegrating aswell.
    The scales dont look pine coned to me and I'm just wondering if it may be something else that is wrong....anyone care to give some advice?
    Thanks....oh and just ignore the blue marks...its from the wound gel\ulcer cure I was treating the wound the fish had previously....the yellow bump is actually where the previous open wound was.

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    can you provide some detail on the baytril dosage, the frequency and how many time you've applied, or plan to apply, it ?

    please also provide info about your pond, stocking level, and water parameter, plus filter system.

    Did you scrape & scope the poor thing ? Some bugs are resistive to baytril nowaday, you may need to use other poison. We will only know after you have provided enough info for us to do educated guess.


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    I have had a fish with dropsy, and it didn't look like that.

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    Cliff, you have a cross infection there- likely pseudomonas and flexibacter ( fin rot). If the dropsy is present it is in the blood stream and kidney and in medical terms that is septicemia ( " blood poisoning"). The fish needs good water, slightly salted and injections. I prefer Sipro IV for this kind of cross infection. I think you have your hands full and I'd look to your water quality and stocking rates and above all, do not overfeed. JR

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