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Thread: Introducing new Koi

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    Introducing new Koi

    I have a couple of Koi in a 1,200 gallon pond that are about 8" long. Today I bought two 4" butterfly koi and want to add them to the pond.
    After I go through the quarantine period, do I just put the new ones in with the bigger ones and call it good? Will the bigger ones be inclined to bother the smaller ones or nibble on their fins? These two new little guys are gorgeous and I would sure hate to have something happen to them. Any advice or am I worrying too much?

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    I have only seen once where a koi nibbled on another, and the one that was getting nibbled on was already damaged to begin with. So no....you don't have anything to worry about. The older koi won't bother the little ones.

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    I've heard about koi bullying other koi but have never witnessed it myself in 25 years of observing the beasts!
    What I have seen is an existing school of koi 'react' to a new individual in the area! This is definitely a ritual and can vary from something anyone but the most observant would miss or it can be quite a display. I think a lot of the magnitude of the ritual is down to ages, sex and season of the introduction. Koi put out a number of hormones and pheromones. Some are alarm signals, others sexual signals and some just hormones. In fact if you anaesthetize a koi and then add it back to the pond, you will see it's school show great interest in it as it revives on the pond bottom.
    Back to the new entry-- the new entry will appear to be interested in exploring a new environment while some individuals will have a strong desire to side up to the new individual and swim along side 2/3 back so that the head is along side the abdomen of the new comer. Soon you will see ritualistic browsing behavior as the newbie is enlisted into the school.
    If a new fish rejects this invitation and tends to go off by itself, it is usually not well and needs to be carefully observed. JR

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    Wow, very interesting! Thank you.

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