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Thread: HELP!!!!! Problem with my Koi's mouth

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    HELP!!!!! Problem with my Koi's mouth

    We check our pond 4/5 times a day. We have just been out in the garden only to notice that our salmon colour koi, less that a year old and 6/7 inches long has got a problem with his mouth.

    His top lip looks like it has been sucked into his mouth - he also cant seem to close his mouth.

    We have netted him and checked for any blockage but nothing present.

    He also looks like he is gasping - but none off the other fish have any problems


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    Oyagoi kntry's Avatar
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    Is this a new fish?

    Did you look inside the mouth? There could be an ulcer in the mouth. Sometimes they will suck a rock into their mouth and it gets stuck. There is also a disease that will not let them close their mouth.

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    Did you happen to take any pics when you had him netted?

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    Well Im not a Koi Doc, But DO YOU HAVE HIM IN QT? Its better to be safe than sorry. But anyway Check for an Ulcer, And then look IN the mouth and see what you can see. And pull the gill plates or Covers up GENTLEY and see if anything looks Diff. Gills should be a liver red color. I would look for ulcers, and Gill Maggots. The Gill Maggots are the mature version of Ergasilus. They can infest the gills and cause secondary infections. I hope that helps. Keep us posted
    ~ Caleb

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    check the koi carefully..,you can't afford to lose that koi..,)

    ..,good luck.
    ..,please visit my blog..,and leave a comment..,tnx..


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