Thanks Mike! I will keep doing what I am doing. I am glad the females are staying "Nice, bold and pretty" Most folks in Hawaii just let their koi grow, grow, grow. They like the 12 month growing period. They have often mentioned that when they travel to abroad to seek Nisai, Sansai age koi they are disappointed at the size of the koi compared to their home koi or same age. Good and bad I guess.

It actually does get cooler in Hawaii the same time it gets cold in the States. I did notice that during December - February, the koi were not as ravenous. We just don't get much snow or temperatures below 65. We did have one morning that reached 59 degrees high up in the mountain areas. I still fed them a handful twice a day, the food still disappeared fast. I keep thinking that if I was a koi, I want to eat EVERY day. Haha.