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Thread: skin flukes

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    you are crackin me up!

    my husband was also upset with me when I took out the plants. It gave me a good excuse to dig a simple unfiltered lily pond
    please don't tell him I am getting other ideas for that pond now

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    How toxic is prazi and proform c?
    My cat drank the water out of my pond.

    she is having breathing like she is snoring.

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    hello everyone.

    Hello Everyone again!~
    I read this old post of myself and looking back & to reflect on how much we ( myself & my husband has come in the Koi keeping department) We are doing well with our batch of Koi in this current pond.
    My husband is keeping fry tanks in the basement and not in the main pond.
    Our pond no longer holds plants and the pond is no longer in two section but all one large pond.
    my husband made a green-house like over the pond to keep our koi safe for the western NY winters. and we were able to see & check on them all winter long.
    the Koi from the main pond, all of them are healthy and grew well and wintered well.

    I am looking forward to great Koi summer season..

    Thank You for all your posts and future post, I have and will be learning more from all of you..

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    Nice to hear update from you. Enjoy.

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