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Thread: skin flukes

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    skin flukes

    We have 6000 gal, pond. the large section is 5000gal, and the other section is 1000 gal which we keep the plants and our fry. both pond from same source water & pump etc..

    We bought our all new koi from a dealer this May. Since last year we had to put all our Koi down from Khv. My two largest Koi died, here is my story.

    One lg. koi Sanki died, July 10 of this Month. I sent pictures of my koi Sanki to someone in my club and they believe a blue herron got to it becuase of the marking, which I am not sure of it yet. That morning I went out at 6:30 am to feed and clean out the filter, came back at 2:30 to do the same, it was lifeless on the bottom of the pond with five scales on the ground (near the bottom drain) I didn't not scope it when it died since my husband was out of town.

    and another koi Kohaku died this morning.
    We scoped it, and it is showing that we have skin flukes.

    We are told to treat it with Prazi & mix it with Preform C.

    What do you think????

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    It's perfectly save to use Prazi and proform C together. Prazi does not dissolve in water so it has to be mixed either with proformC or with drinking alcohol, such as vodka or something. Skin flukes typically don't kill fish, so you may have another parasite along with the flukes. ProformC should get them all. You don't have salt in the pond do you? Salt in combination with proformC and prazi is not a good thing. It can cause burns.

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    Why would you recommend Pro Form C for parasites? PFC is IMO totally useless unless used at way over the recommended dose.

    Flukes = Potassium Permanganate at the recommended dose of 1.5 grammes per ton of water which in this case equates to approx 33.4 grammes.

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    One fluke here or there on healthy fish is not a major concern. And as Cindy said they don't kill directly. So futher investigation is necessary.

    When the largest fish die first it's usually from a lack of oxygen. And with plants in the pond, the time the oxygen saturation is lowest is at dawn (one of the downsides of plants in the pond).

    If you do need to treat for flukes or other parasites, however, the below advice is critical.

    Since plants and associated mulm on the bottom greatly reduce the strength of medications, it's necessary to remove the plant containers from both ponds and thoroughly clean the bottoms before applying OR to completely isolate the plant pond and all plants from the treatment pond for several weeks while you treat.

    Otherwise the charge will be spent on the organics -- not the bugs -- and you'll have a very, very hard time getting rid of the critters.

    Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news, but that's another one of the downsides of plants in the pond.

    The good news is you can use isopropyl alcohol (70%) to dissolve the prazi rather than waste expensive vodka.

    Best wishes,
    Don Chandler
    Member: AKCA, ZNA, KoiUSA

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    here is some pictures of our Kohaku.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails skin flukes-kohaku-007.jpg  

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    under the body.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails skin flukes-kohaku-003.jpg  

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    This fish was not a good eater since we got it from day one. Never had the chance to look at it closely, very skiddish fish. Would only eat one pellet, and would hide on us.
    So, we didn't want to stress the thing even more by netting it. We thought nothing of it.

    Until this morning it didn't hide on us. so, we net it. and found the Koi in this condition.

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    A skin fluke might have been the minor primary problem, but they did not kill the fish. There also might be another parasite kicking around...scope deeper but those fish died from a bacterial ulcer infection. It needed drugs

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    My husband has installed, the bottom drain with bubleler. (I believe it is a 4".)

    We were told that putting plants in the pond is a good thing for our pond and it would help out our fish, eco-system and etc.

    We have no salt in pond.

    Should we take the plants out, even though it is not in the main pond? We thought it was good for the fry.

    Should I buy the Prazi still???

    We have just about the full bottle of preform C.

    I'm more confused now.

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    My apologies for jumping in here but I don't want to see anymore fish of this grade die---

    Your fish are dying from aeromonas infection ( and likely osmotic inbalance and lost of electrolytes) .
    But since half of all aeromonas ( and I think more than half) are driven by parasitic infestation ( Flukes and also Trichodona being the 'big two') I think you need to get your impression of what is going on by the following:

    parasites like skin flukes can not kill a fish unless they are in great numbers on the gills. But they can open up the protective layer ( slime coat) for infection to take place. If the water quality in quarantine or in the main pond is not great , you can also attribute infection and death to stress that opens the fish up to the bacteria with the help of the flukes.

    So you need to;
    Improve water quality via daily small water changes. And two pounds of salt per 100 gallons and then add no more as you water change out of , and away from, that concentration. Treat your koi with fluke tabs as recommended ( this is an organo phosphate and a parasitic in reduced amounts for safety, and available at any mail order tropical fish company- try "that fish place').once You've treated you also need to be treating for aeromonas infection. This involves topical disinfecting with betradine and an antibiotic sav in orabase. then you need to inject these fish with a good gram negative antibiotic ( your vet can help supply this with a perscription) using insulin syringes . You will put the fish under with eugenol ( from the dentist or a scrip from the dentist). When you get that all together drop us( me) a note and I'll walk you thru it.


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