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Thread: FSGD and Color

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    Rob, I hate to break it to you this way but "playing up to the powers that be" is the furthest thing from my mind. My very first conversation with JR on this very forum was a disagreement. That is how we introduced ourselves

    The fact that you choose to dissect the core of the scale from the rest of its parts is a choice, but not the choice I make. The "Scale" is not summed up in its core fiber unless you dissect all other elements of the scale by destructive methods. That is not how scales are produced or present themselves on the body of a Koi. Skin is likewise composed of many different elements, and while we obviously recognize the distinct elements that produce luster, fiber, connective tissue, melanophores, chromatophores, etc... we recognize that the guanophores, iridophores, xanthophores, collagen, purines, etc... are all specific "components" of skin that combine to create that which we generically recognize as "skin". Skin is taken as a "whole" element of Nishikigoi with each of these distinct parts being a supportive piece of the "whole".

    Knowing that it has many parts does not make it less.
    It makes it a complete unit that does not exist in a vacuum.

    What I do not get is your need to destroy the scale in order to accept it as "scale".
    Larry Iles

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    Bump. I've had to read several times to fully digest, but now that I got it, it has opened up new doors for me in understanding koi...

    Just a damn good thread. I kinda miss his teachings.... OK, I admit it, I really miss his teachings.....

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