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you couldn't have said it better!! not until going to a show did I understand why it is always told to someone new to koi "get to a show"
So Meg, living out in 'God's Country' in the panhandle, I'm just curious, what shows do you manage to attend? Any in your area, or do you go much further afield? We have a couple in the immediate Jacksonville each year, and of course the big one in Orlando, but do you get up to Atlanta, or manage to get down-state to the Miami area?

One other venue I enjoy attending are pond tours. I've picked up a lot of good info and met some fine folks at these get togethers, though usually more along the lines of input on pond construction/filtration, water maintenance, etc. And as many koi keepers also seem to be keen gardeners, it's a real treat to see what others are creating in their back yards---sometimes bordering on the astounding! The true shows, on the other hand, are definitely where the concentration is on the fish and how to grade them.