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Thread: Small fish will go through a Cetus

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    Small fish will go through a Cetus

    I put my 6.5" ginrin chagoi in the main pond last week from quarantine. Today I did a large water change where I had to turn off my bottom drains to cetus to shower to waterfall circuit and just use the in-wall returns and jets to drain and fill the pond.

    I refilled and turned the BD's back on. Luckily I was in the filter pit when I did it and heard a flopping noise in the cetus. Looked in it and there was my little chagoi flopping in the bottom of the cetus. I'm not sure what would have happened to him if I hadn't been there to rescue him right away, but he was not much damaged from the trip.

    He had a tiny scrape near his nostril and a couple scales were missing, but other than that he seemed fine. A little dazed though. I ended up putting him back into Quarantine.

    I'll watch him closely to see if anything else goes south with him, but so far so good. I think he would have survived for a while in the cetus as there is water flowing continuously but he may have gotten more beat up if he flopped more.

    So the answer is, yes, a small fish will make it through a cetus relatively OK. How long it will live in the bottom of it?, the jury is still out on that.

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    How about saying the fish will make it into the Cetus but not through it- I don't think you could see a fish that made it through those tiny slits!!

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