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Thread: I decided to be kind to my koi

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    Apr 2010
    Will post some picture soon. I uploded some to imgeshack, but I'm having some problems re-sizing the images.

    Question I have regarding the Aqua filter. The instructions say that you should turn off the pump before you backwash and before you rinse. When the guy who installed it, showed me how to do it, he did not turn off the pump.

    Now is it damaging to the pump or filter if I do not turn off the pump?

    The reason I ask is because it can be a pain. Sometimes the pump needs to be primed (add water into the pump) to get it started. Problem is that it's very tough to unscrew the top of the pump to pour the water in it.


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    Could you show a sketch or describe your plumbing going to the pump so maybe somebody can help you with the priming problem you're having? There is so much collective knowledge here to help make your life easier.

    For instance, my priming pot has a little plastic screw with a rubber washer (probably called something but I don't remember what) on top of the lid and if you don't unscrew that to let air into the priming pot, you'd never get that lid off.

    Do you have something similar?

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    Apr 2010
    Here is my update on the upkeep of the pond. I decided to have my pond guy come in for a maintanance visit. It will be next week. I will ask the man to go through all the steps of the cleaning of the filter and pond and follow him step by step. Hopefully I will be able to duplicate the procedure and then do it myself once a week.

    Also, about 4 days ago, my largest koi got into the skimmer and was stuck there for a few hours. When I found her I thought I had lost her, poor thing must have been exhausted as she was not moving much. Thankfully she is doing great. Need to install some sort of a grate at the mouth of the skimmer.

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