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Thread: What temp for what protein level of food

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    Apr 2010

    What temp for what protein level of food

    My water is 16c. I am getting Hikari Staple for that temp, at what temps do you up or down the "protein" level of food.

    Hikari do several foods, Basic, Economy, Growth, Staple, and Wheatgerm.
    What temp for what food? They also do a colour enhansing food, I was told that is not really worth the cost of the food, by a dealer.

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    check out this article by Ray Jordan


    you'll get a lot of different point of views on brands as we are particular to the brands that we have experience with.

    i use TOMiGAi and EA Show

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    Thank you, I will read that.
    I should not have specified a make, any make of food lol.

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    No problem mentioning a brand of food -- as long as you're not trying to sell it to us, too.

    FYI, here's a bit of the 'why' behind the 'what.'

    Feeding: Art vs. Science

    JR 31 Dec 2009

    Feeding is a 'science'. Feeding is an 'art'.

    Which one of these statements is true? BOTH!! LOLs

    The physiology of carp is well studied. They don't have stomachs for holding large meals. So they compensate. Actually this is one of those primitive adaptations for a (here I go again) a four season cold blooded animal as a strategy for survival - the molding of physiology to the environment.

    The carp is of a large size but has no teeth (just grinding molars for mastication in the gill structure) for eating large food items. It certainly isn't a carnivore, as it isn't built to be one based on structure and design!! So how can a massive animal in a freshwater environment sustain itself if it isn't a predatory meat eater? Simple- scavange!

    Eat what you can, small prey, bits of decayed flesh, algae, plants, seeds etc. Just grind it and put it in a long absorbing gut and extract what you can from the exposed morsal surface and beyond. As long as the food is travelng the gut it’s being acted on by beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Just how long the food items are in touch with the digestion and absorption process is temperature based - as it is in all clold blooded animals. How well food items of different types are processed is based on enzymes present and that is age related but also seasonally influenced.

    Now for the art- depending on the age of the fish, the time of year and the water temperature, diet will be handled differently.

    In nature, the abundance of food will vary from season to season. But that is OK as the activity of the carp and therefore its calorie intake needs will follow as both the food supply and type are linked to the same factors as the koi's metabolism (light and temperature).

    So fry carp are in warm marginal areas (where they hatched and hide in the same weeds or greenry their parents laid eggs in) and feed extensively on bugs, plankton and insect eggs. They have short guts and they burn up food in their relavtively short gut quickly. Fry hunt in a loose definition of the term as they are stimulated by sight and smell.

    Adult carp browse all day long and take in modest amounts of food as they find it. The sole reason for barbels is the conditions might be muddy and sight is only so helpful.

    If it is high summer, there is food in abundance and they have high metabolisms at 65- 74 (this is for carp; weaker koi are likely in the 'sweet spot' in 70-76F).

    So depending on the time of year, the food mix you feed, age of koi and temperature, you want to feed your koi a different amount and mix to match age, season and conditions.

    Ultimately, when in doubt -- feed less. JR
    Don Chandler
    Member: AKCA, ZNA, KoiUSA

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    I have used and have a bifg pot of Nishikoi food, but once that gone i will use either the one I mentioned at the top or Kusuri. Not trying to seel you food lol. Just mentioned what I using in case you have opinions about it. I hear that Nishikoi food is not that good... Dont' see the koi complaining when they guzzel it up!!

    As an aside, sorry of thread, but it is my thread lol, is Sept too late top be thinking about treating for blanketweed, I have a little growing, not sure if i should treat it now, or leave to die off when it gets colder? Water currently 15-16c unheated. UK based.

    Thanks in advance.

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