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Thread: Sakai Kohaku M-Tulip

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    Sakai Kohaku M-Tulip

    Hi Fellas,
    Mind to comment on my new fish? Female 62 CM just past the 3 yr mark (June 2007). Am I taking too big of a risk with this kohaku? The inazuma pattern hasn't changed much since the certificate was produced (marked on Dec 2009). I bought this one with a hope that the pattern will be much better when she passes the 70 cm mark. Your comments will be very much appreciated.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Sakai Kohaku M-Tulip-kohaku-inazuma-m-tulip.jpg  

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    There are pattern issues from a judging perspective. Inazuma pattern is inherently an issue in itself. It would be better if the insertions were wider. However, I do think the pattern will improve somewhat with growth. My greater concern with her is with the kiwa. The edges of the pattern appear jagged. The photo does not give a sufficiently clear view for me to reach a conclusion, but the kiwa is what I would want to focus on.

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    The Kohak is nice, at 24 inches it still has alot of time to improve.

    First things first, is you have a Kohak with a heavy pattern, so with that you have to focus on the confirmatrion an skin quality to bring everything together. Right now I see that the fish will have a imposing conformation at 70cm and through time I think the skin will get better with the right water quality.


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    With beni that color I have no problem with big pattern on big koi.

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