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Thread: Koi Nations/KP/KOI USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy M. View Post
    And exactly what did you need to defend yourself for? I believe my post simply stated that Don, should talk to you since you both belong to the same club... And since he is a board member of Koi USA, he would be able to give you 1st hand information, not second and third hand information, that apparently from your above post, no one wants to confirm....

    If I have info to post you can bet your last dime that I will always have evidance to back up what I write.
    You miss queued; I was talking about email that I received in which you and Don were mentioned. My post was because of this email, not because of your post.


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    Everyone over here has been "moving on" for quite a while now. The only ones who aren't "moving on" are the ones who still insist to you that "they have the inside scoop".
    They don't.
    You have been told "the inside scoop" right here on this forum by people who know with absolute certainty what all of the details are and have no reason to mislead you or anyone else.
    That is what is happening "here".
    At KP on the other hand you have been lied to by people who either know they are lying to you or have been lied to themselves and are acting as useful idiots to spread rumors that are without merit.
    I would gladly go over to KP and tell them that to their faces, but telling the truth at KP is what got me banned in the first place so I can't do that anymore. Not to worry as I'm quite certain that these words will be cut and pasted by some clucking tool as proof positive that banning people like me (plainspoken and honest) is a good thing
    Since evil people like me aren't allowed to speak firsthand over yonder I'll have to leave it up to you to take the truth back with you, set the record straight, and tell the liars that they've been outed.
    Moving on...again,
    Larry Iles

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasPR View Post
    On a somewhat related note , the fall of the dollar is going to go into hyper speed in the next few weeks and months as the feds begin a massive buying program with printed money ( expansion of the money supply) in an effort to cause the dollar to fall and financial asset values to rise. It is a HUGE gamble as the potential side effects are truly frightening. But they fear deflation more than massive inflation. So in a case of the 'stalled airplane engine' they have decided to put the craft into a nose dive to try and jump start the motor. Most countries with respond with the same technique ( UK next) and there will be a kind of race to the bottom in terms of currency devaluations.
    Troubled times, troubled times----
    I heard this on NPR today!
    they called it Quantum economics ...or quantum something, but I knew they were talking about money and the stae they are in...and then they discribed just what you are saying JR.

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    You know, I did hear a rumor that Koiusa has been taken over by the soviets!! I heard from a very reliable source...in the know, that the new name is Koiussr. All kohaku's will now be known as the Beni-menace.

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