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Thread: About Learning

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa

    About Learning

    There are many ways to learn things. You can google, read books about a specific topic, or find an appropriate chatline or club.

    I have found that the "olde fashioned" way of one on one works best for me. Find someone who you consider at the place you want to be and learn from them.

    When it comes to Koi, there is a reason why most young breeders are sent out to apprentice with someone else before returning home to their parents farm or starting one up on their own. It's direct and hands on learning.

    The expression "seeing is believeing" is apt for learning how to recognize high quality elements in show Koi. Looking at various pictures may help you to understand pattern, but when it comes to learning some of the vital points on the judges score card, nothing is more clear than to have it pointed out and be able to see it.

    This is a wonderful time of year with the harvests and dealers receiving new fish to be able to see what you need to be able to identify. So between now and the next show season (also an excellent time to see and thus learn) you need to pull yourself away from your books, magazines, and computer and hit the road.

    I encourage you to go to a dealer or breeder who you are confident that has the knowledge that will take time with you on your visit. Or if you can talk someone who your regard as knowledgeable to accompany you, so much the better.

    So if it's about learning, it's time to make some road trips. The more truely good koi that you see and can recognize, the better your eye and your standard will rise another step up the ladder.
    Dick Benbow

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    Oct 2006
    totally agree problem here is i am in no man land.
    good dealer is 8 hour drive and a pond pull is well airplane away
    so in a few weeks when you fly over drop a rope out of palne and I will hang on.

    been watching videos of Mark gardners so that helps a little but to listen to a breeder describe their koi and what they are looking for and such on how they will develop would be PRICELESS

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    I do sympathise with you. And i wish I could take you along with me to purdin's. just don't get discouraged. Kodama's book series is pretty good as are their master classes. Hopefully you have somebody in the chicago area. I need to get to springfield one of these summer's to visit my daughter and maybe we can connect up then.

    i think my first awakening was when i went to the all japan show for the very first time.

    Presently, I'm pretty involved with bonsai and suisek in addition to koii. And i do take my own advice there, frequently visiting the weyerhauser pacific rim collection, taking lessons from it's curator and visiting at their home for a personal session with one of the founding members of our suiseki club.

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