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Thread: Any Ideas?

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    Any Ideas?

    I have had a Hikarymoyo in my pond for 7 years. She is currently 18" and has been that size for a couple of years. Early this summer she started swimming in a strange way - wiggling her whole body instead of the graceful way that other Koi swim. She appears to me to be partially paralyzed. There are no external signs of problems, no lumps or ulcers and microscopic exam does not show parasites. The rest of my Koi have no problems and have grown to a much larger size. No electrical shock that I am aware of and the water quality is excellent.

    Could it be something genetic that just appeared in an 8 year olf fish?

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    Oyagoi CarolinaGirl's Avatar
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    It could have been a lightning strike. It usually only affects one fish in the pond. I don't know of any genetic reason for it that would take so long to show up. Exposure to organophosphates also can cause it, but that would more than likely affect more than just one fish.

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    We had gotten one from a koi vendor like that, it wiggled instead of swam gracefully like the rest of koi, we called him Mr. Wiggles, later we found out he had swim bladder disease, he didnt make it, hopefully yours is not the same fate, shock or lightening could also be possible.

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