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Thread: Bringing koi inside

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    Bringing koi inside

    The water in my small pond is getting cold. At 3.5’ down it’s 36-38 degrees (pond is only 4.5’ deep) so I’ve decided to bring in my koi in, 3-12”, 1-15”& 2-10”. They didn’t seemed to be showing any affects of the cold, other then a little slow and very easy to net. Last year it was early November when I brought them in.
    I’ve filled 2-32 gal. garbage cans with pond water, pumped out of pond via garden hose, thru basement window. At 1:00pm today the water temp in plastic garbage cans was 38 degrees, at 6:00pm its at 46. The indoor QT (450 gal.) is at 64 degrees.
    At what temp should I add a air stone?
    Right now I have lids on and just want it to be dark and quite for them. I’m thinking there’s plenty of oxygen in water, but at some point I need to add some air. I’m guessing tomorrow morning when temp gets in the low fifties?
    Any ideas or comments would be greatly a appreciated.

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    Right away. There's no such thing as too much. To be honest, I don't know how long the O2 would last in that situation, but I would have an airstone running around the clock. Better safe than sorry.

    Is the plan to move them to the QT when temps get a little closer? It's not near as bad moving koi into warmer water. Warm to cold too quick is the shocker to them.


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    I thought I read somewhere about ‘over saturation’ of O2 in really cold water, but I also didn’t want them to suffocate from lack of O2, I dropped the airstones in about 10:00pm tonight, the temp was up to 50 degrees.
    Hopefully I can transfer them Saturday afternoon, 24 hours.

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    posted this on shack but combined 2 post here so people in other area know what has been going on in area-------

    did you have fish already in QT as would be best just to pump water from pond into winter tank


    i even bring the goldfish and parents wakins in for winter.easier then fighting leaves and keeping hole in ice all winter.i brought them in first to mid october when temps got in the 50's.
    why so early?
    water quality is good to pump inside
    water is clear to catch the little buggers(water level is lowered also from filling inside and even lowered more to make easy catch)
    and not so cold for me
    yes we had that unual high temps here this past month but that is stressful on koi also.with up and down.so while it was nice to be outside for the few hours of daylight the temp swings esp if waterfall and everything was running can cause some stress.

    side note for others -we broke temps and near high temps last week of being in the high 60 should been in 40 and below even caused unseasonable tornado that caused some decent damage and started i"m sure to close for comfort in Mark's area.National weather service did not even have a watch or anything out when it started.
    Paul Korf

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    Midwest Pond and Koi Society
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    did you have fish already in QT as would be best just to pump water from pond into winter tank

    Yes there's two of yours! We lost power that Tuesday and I was outside taking full advantage of the warm day...cleaning the filters and doing my weekly water change when the sirens went off, didn't realize till later the tornado touched down about 3/4-1 mile west. Didn't see it, but noticed it was really dark to the east. A couple days later we drove thru Caledonia, IL... it really got tore up. Saw one house with several trusses haphazardly stacked up next to a large tree, after a second or two it I realized they were from the house (that got basically leveled) to the west, on the other side of the highway!

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