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Thread: Aeration DIYers

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    Aeration DIYers

    Has anyone had experience with 1/2 inch soaker hose as an air diffuser? I was thinking about rounding the hose in the bottom of my 55gal barrel bio filter. My goal is to aerate by a bubble curtain along the outer walls and create a down draft in the center. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    I have never heard of anyone using a soaker hose as an air diffuser. hook it up and let us know the results.
    but flow into a 55 barrel needs to be pretty slow to settle things on the bottom and diffused air pretty gentle also if your goal is to pull all the junk to the bottom

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    I used them in a 300 gallon stock tank with K2 media. They work great as long as you don't want a strong current. It's more of a gentle bubble curtain.

    If you're looking for a stronger current, which it sounds like you are, you could use 1" pvc. Drill very small holes all over the top of the pipe. This works much better than the soaker hose for stronger currents.

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    I think I heard that while soaker hoses do work, they put a lot of back pressure on the air pump. Aquaticeco sells a diffuser hose that would probably work better. Or you can use 3/8" flexible line (like the stuff you hook ice makers up with, sold at lowes) and drill a bunch of 1/32" holes in it. I have done this and it works beautifully. Findind a drill bit that small is hard though. I used one made for a dremmel tool.

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    so far the advice is perfect.

    i am currently using about a 18 inch ??? section instead of aistone or rubber membrane one i was using.

    my membrane one got a hole in it and i forgot to get a new one this past summer at a koi show.well anyway i had a soaker hose i bought for an end of year clearance for a buck laying around.so used that instead.
    i was using it in an 8 ft POP tank and actually liked it cause it did not produce as much of a current from my 40 or 60l air pump so lower air which i am guessing meaning back pressure on pump which could make the diaphram part wear out faster.

    i am currently still using this set up in watergarden outside to see what will happen with keeping hole in ice over winter VS what i was using.so will see what happens over next months or so.
    now what would happen if i used a longer part of hose???.
    would it help with back pressure ???

    so question is what media are you going to use?

    k1 i would use the stone in center to bring up in center then down along outside to help with splash of water also currently i in my bioreacter(different pond) i just use the hub that the airstones are suppose to screw into WITHOUT the airstones.man it makes things jump and no airstones to replace.

    MAYBE a use for soaker hose would be something for a long bio chamber(like 5+ ft long) with matting so one pump could be used and air bubbles spread out over larger area BUT that is only a GUESS.

    so first question is what media are you using in this barrel?
    Paul Korf

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    WOW. Thanks for all the advice. I have three roles of blue matala for the barrel. My bio barrel is fed by two inline vortex barrels via 4" pipe. The exit in the biofilter is 2" pipe to the pump from the lower end.

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    More info... This is all for a 3,000 gal pond. Filter set up is gravity fed vortex barrels to bio filter barrel (mentioned) to pump, 57watt UV, to 33gal waterfall bio filter.

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