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Thread: Brady TV

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    Sep 2006

    Brady TV

    Brady, just got around to viewing the DVD you sent me a few weeks ago- EXCELLENT job! Great quality and production.
    I really enjoyed reliving the Naple's show all over again-- it was a fun weekend. Thanks for the memories! Yours in the hobby, JR

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    Dec 2003
    Monroe, NC USA
    Thanks very much JR, and thank you for taking the time for the interview!

    There is a LOT of great back and forth conversation in that piece among you Judges, and it definitely gives the viewer some perspective on the weighing of quality points and decisions you Judges have to make in the show ring.

    Best Wishes,
    Brady Brandwood

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    Oct 2004
    Louisiana - KHA
    I also enjoyed the last DVD. I'm sure going to miss Down on the Farm.

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