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what a positive, uplifting thing to discover.....JR is back on the boards.
Hi Dick, long time, no chat! Yes, slowly life is returning to normal after the storm. During that time ( and leading up to the storm) I lost my aunt who had a major role in raising me, my mother-inlaw a month later and my mom a month after that! I'm Sooo very happy to be out of 2012 as I've had enough loss to last a life time at this point! Time to rebuild and take on 2013!

I know you know this but for the uninitiated-- koi are living creatures and tosai are surly NOT smaller versions of gosai! They are juvenile forms of mature koi. It would certainly be odd to feed 10 week old puppies steak bones! Or human babies, sushi? But we honestly and innocently believe that feeding adult diets to juveniles is a good idea. Even worse, grower mentality thinks that feeding mature adult koi, juvenile diets is a clever thing to do!!!
We have made a lot of progress in understanding the nature of the species we keep in terms of environment, health needs and seasonal concerns. But still, at koi shows and 'at dinner time' we see the koi are one dimensional.
It is truly upsetting to me to see dealers and American breeders teaching our more innocent judges 'secrets' as to good koi without addressing life stages, grades and intrinsic value. But I digress-----

But get wander even further off the reservation-- I like capitalism! But institutionalizd commericalism in hobbies is the pits. It really does twist reality in favor of sales. Dry foods are needed as a base for any solid diet. The practical considerations of shipping, shelf life, costs of ingredients and packaging sales marketing, however, can cross the line between education and manipulation.
In the ideal, koi food would be made in both season AND life stage formulas. But this is not practical. So we should use a middle of the road pellet and use suppliments to meet the needs of the juvenile, young adult and mature adult koi in summer, autumn, winter and spring.
maybe we can talk about the additions of fresh food to mimic the needs of koi in their various life stages and during different times of the year and how this all dovetails with the natural cues nature gives our koi? JR