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Thread: Beni loss certain?

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    Sansai redman's Avatar
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    Oct 2009

    Beni loss certain?

    Will all kohaku and Sanke eventually lose their hi/beni when they grow old?

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    No. But, degradation is to be expected. Whether it occurs at age 3 or age 10 is where 'value' to the koikeeper gets determined.

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    Not today's koi ( at least not like yesterdays number one grade koi). But then again the best grades are probably, commercially speaking, only a product available since the mid 1990s. So the oldest commercially common specimens are now probably 16 years old.
    Contrary to popular water gardening websites, koi do not live to be 100 years old! You can still find that factoid on koi dealer's websites ( this is a good indication that you are viewing a newbie or unsophisticated dealer web site!) but it just is one of those myths created by the 'mystique' of the Japanese koi.
    Most koi live to see their 15th year. And I'd consider age 18-22 to be a good life span. Koi are primitive creatures however and exceptions to rules exist. So there are true wild carp that have been documented to live to be 75! And I've seen fish die of old age ( organ failure) that were only 12.
    Certainly, in a CLOSED system and with the ravanges of minor life long stress, the answer to your question lies more with 'Nurture' than with 'nature'. Meaning the color cells fail due to environment over time and not genetics over time.
    Finally I will tell you that I have seen Japanese Oyagoi in very famous breeders facilities- some are perfect ( often YOUNG breeders) and some are foundation stock ( key to a line) and very old--- and they --- well--- don't look so good any more in the area of color and pattern. JR

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