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Thread: Panty Hose in the Skimmers

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    Sansai almostgeorgia's Avatar
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    Panty Hose in the Skimmers

    Anyone else ever try this little trick? I had a fellow koi keeper with many moons of experience tell me about it one time. He said he does it when he wants to really 'polish off' the clarity on his pond before a party, club meeting, etc.

    After cutting off the toe/lower leg on a used pair of the fetching Mrs' nylon stockings I found the material stretched so tightly over the skimmer baskets at first that it looked more like a drum head than a filter. But as soon as the skimmers kicked in it sucked the material down into a perfect little 'pouch'.

    After a few hours of operation I pulled the two make-shift filters and rinsed them out in the laundry sink, keen to see what they'd 'caught'. I like to think my water clarity is pretty good, with the proverbial dime at the bottom of my 5 foot pond clearly visible. But the stocking-filter was heavily coated in a brown, slimy substance that took a lot of running water to clean off, and also trapped quite a bit of small particulate matter as well.

    Not sure if it's an optical illusion or the power of 'wishful thinking' on my part, but I'd swear my water does look discernibly 'cleaner'.

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    No doubt. All mechanical filtration is a compromise between cleaning the water and cleaning the filter. In a perfect world, your 'quick clean-up' method would be permanently used, and you would clean on the hour every hour, 24/7/365. The bio-filtration media would hardly ever need cleaning, the fish would be happy and the pond picture perfect at all times. The 'Answer' was an attempt at a device that would approach this 'perfection', but fell out of use for several reasons, not the least of which was people not wanting to do deal with cleaning the micro-screen. Oh, well.....

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    Oyagoi HEADACHE6's Avatar
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    You can also use Quilting Matting in front of a Skimmer Pad. Pretty much catches everything. Because these Mats are white , even clear water stain them within 10 minutes of use.

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