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Thread: "4" step kohaku

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethan25 View Post
    the depth of the body is quite phenomenal. This fish jumped out of the pond three weeks ago. I went to walk the dog and it was laying there, not quite stiff but dry and not doing well. I suppose it could have been there for 30-60 minutes. I spent 55 minutes moving it back and forth in the bubbles, while my wife and daughter spent an hour praying inside that "sara" would make it.

    This was all before church on a Sunday morning. She started to move her tail and then swam away. It took a day for her to get her bearings straight. Her cheek, the left side, has a small scrape of the beni but other than that, her beni was fine the moment I put her in the pond. The one thing that I have noticed is that this one has grown the most of any of the fish in my pond this spring thus far.

    The exposure in the picture is not great. I had a difficult time taking pictures of her, as the flash really didn;t do nice things to the beni. What I do see in person is a stretching of the leading edge of the scales, where the kiwa is rather light compared to the rest of the fish's beni.

    when bent, the scales do not show any white between them, which makes me think that the beni is solid, just in a growth form. HOwever, I have been proven wrong before (most often by my wife, in far more important matters....).

    Anyhow, I'll see if I can locate a picture taken the same day with a better view of the beni in a better exposure. I do see what you are all saying though.

    Im just pleased she is alive. She pretty much came back from the dead.

    This one went up over 20" by October of this year, putting on some good heft and with the beni looking strong, considering what she went through earlier this past spring! here are the comparison photos of last fall (2010) when I received her, to this past October...one year's growth....

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails "4" step kohaku-compare-kohaku-3.jpg  

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