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Thread: New Kohaku Tosai

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    Tosai kaysee's Avatar
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    Feb 2010

    New Kohaku Tosai

    Please take a look at my new Kohaku Tosai. 2 pics and a link attached.New Kohaku Tosai-img_20110505_165959-5.jpg

    New Kohaku Tosai-img_20110505_170055.jpg
    Any comments as to what can be expected of this fish would be welcomed. Great Shiroji and Hi. Pattern, not so sure. Thoughts?
    BTW, some months ago, I posted that my Tancho(Nisai) snapped its dorsal fin. For records, it has grown back fully with the sail attached like new. I got away with that one!
    Cheers, Kaysee
    YouTube - ‪Kohaku Tosai‬‏

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    Nisai Dnn87's Avatar
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    Oct 2010

    Looks like good quality line you mentioned yourself.
    I also like the pattern.

    Very hard to tell about the body at tosai, but looks good.

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    Sansai redman's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Very nice. Very nice beni. Kiwa looks good as well.

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