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Thread: 2011 PNKCA Convention Pond Tour Photos

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    2011 PNKCA Convention Pond Tour Photos

    Hi friends,

    I just put together a gallery for 2011 PNKCA Convention Pond Tour. It was a great event. Here is the photos. I forgot to mention - there were 3 buses of people.

    http://www.koigallery.com/KoiGallery/PondTours.aspx . On mouseover of the Album, click "Open". There is a lots of pictures, so please don't forget to click next page.

    I am learning with my camera. So execuse me if the light composition or any aspect of the photo is not right. But I promise you will get a feeling of the event because I took a lot of pictures.

    I also uploaded Pan Intercorp live auction photos, PNKCA Seminar and PNKCA wet lab photos too.

    Phone : 1 (855) KOI FISH

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    Just as a bit of a background for those not familar with PNKCA

    It stands for pacific northwest koi club association, and as the name suggests
    includes clubs in the northwest. They include those in british ciolumbia, canada, Washington state, idaho and oregon. It may vary from time to time but usually
    averages around 15 clubs in membership.

    Like most conventions it is held annually and moves around thru the different clubs and states so that travel and distance is not a problem for attendance.
    next year the event will be held in washington state.

    There were many activities this year including instruction by Toshio Sakai, a course on making a bonsai, waterplants, and a good wet lab to mention a few of the activities.
    Dick Benbow

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