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Thread: Koi Hobbyist Survey Request

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    Oyagoi RayJordan's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    San Antonio, Texas

    Koi Hobbyist Survey Request

    Hi, Tim Miller-Morgan requested my help to post this here. For some reason he was having a problem registering on the site. Please respond to the request to help this grad student with his Koi Hobbyist Survey.

    Ray Jordan



    A student I'm mentoring, Michael Liu, has posted the above letter and link
    encouraging your participation in a research project that is part of his PhD
    dissertation. I hope that you will be willing to participate and encourage
    others on this forum to participate as well.

    Michael is studying in an emerging field of research called Free-Choice
    learning. This is essentially all the learning that occurs outside of the
    traditional education system. Michael seeks to study learning and motivation
    within an animal related hobby. I hope you will agree to assist him in his

    I have had the opportunity to work with Michael for a number of years. I
    have supervised him as an aquarist at the Hatfield Marine Science Center –
    Visitor Center and later as a research aquarist within my research group
    addressing shipping issues within the ornamental fish industry. During this
    time he was actively involved in animal husbandry, husbandry education and
    public outreach to the general public as well as ornamental fish hobbyists.
    Further, Michael previously worked for a time on a large koi farm in Taiwan.

    He is uniquely suited to carry out this project which will provide valuable
    information about learning and motivations of hobby participants, in
    particular participants in the koi hobby.

    He approached me about working with the koi hobbyists about a year ago. I
    felt this was an excellent project because I can see that the results will
    provide me with a way to improve our outreach and education programs.
    Further, I could see value for the koi hobby as well because if we can
    understand the factors that bring people into the hobby and more importantly
    what keeps them in the hobby, clubs and forums may be able to tailor their
    outreach to recruits and retain new members.

    I hope you will be willing to assist Michael in his endeavors and perhaps
    consider putting a link to his survey on your website.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.


    Dr. Tim Miller Morgan

    Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan, DVM
    Ornamental Fish Health Program
    Oregon State University
    Oregon Sea Grant Extension
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    Hatfield Marine Science Center
    2030 Marine Science Drive
    Newport, OR 97365
    (541) 867-0265 (office)
    (541) 867-0320 (fax)
    [email protected]
    Web site: http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/visitor/...al-fish-health
    Oregon State University: College of Veterinary Medicine
    Oregon Coast Community College


    My name is Chi-Chang (Michael) Liu and I am a PhD candidate in the
    Department of Science and Mathematics Education at Oregon State University.
    The purpose of this letter is to ask you and your fellow forum members’ help
    to participate in my research on learning within the Koi hobby.

    The topic of my dissertation is Serious Fun: Life-Deep Learning of Koi
    Hobbyists. The purpose of this study is to understand how hobbyists learn
    within typical Koi hobby activities and situations, and what may limit or
    facilitate hobbyists learning. In using Koi hobbyists as my subjects, I hope
    to understand the motivation, interests and information seeking strategies
    of Koi hobbyists when engaging with the Koi hobby. I would also like to
    explore the ways Koi hobbyists develop the knowledge to keep their hobby at
    a particular standard, to identify which factor(s) will motivate and/or
    limit pursuing this hobby and to discover the cognitive changes that occur
    within a hobbyist during their development within the hobby. In this
    instance I will focus particularly on the learning/development of scientific
    knowledge about their hobby. The primary result of this survey is, of
    course, to be a part of my PhD dissertation to fulfill the requirement of
    Oregon State University. Moreover, this study will also to help with the
    future development and refinement outreach and education programs such as
    the one Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan ( see my letter of explanation below) offers
    through the Aquatic Animal Health Program of Oregon Sea Grant.

    With these research questions and goals in mind, I designed a questionnaire
    survey and posted it on line (http://ipmnet.org/koi/Part0.aspx). I am in my
    data collecting phase at this moment and I need a significant number of
    subjects to complete the questionnaire. This survey is crucial for my study
    and I believe the result of this study will also benefit Koi hobbyists and
    Koi business by providing deeper understanding of how Koi hobbyists learn.
    So I am asking for your help to encourage you and your forum members to
    participate in my survey. This online questionnaire survey will take about
    10-15 minutes to finish and the participants won’t leave any personal
    information if they do not want to. It will be very helpful for this survey
    if you could post this link on the webpages of your club or in your
    newsletters, to encourage others to participate. I truly appreciate your


    Chi-Chang (Michael) Liu
    Ph.D. candidate of Free-Choice Learning
    Department of Science and Mathematics Education
    Hatfield Marine Science Center
    Oregon State University
    2030, SE, Marine Science Dr.,
    Newport, OR 97365
    [email protected]

    Link to the Koi hobbyist survey:
    Disclosure:These opinions are based on my experience and conversations with persons I consider accomplished koi keepers and do not reflect the viewpoint of any organization.

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    It really does take only a few minutes.

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    Jumbo jnorth's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    That was kinda fun
    My personal koi page Updated 7/8/07
    ZNA Potomac Koi Club

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    Oyagoi gcuss's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Maple Falls, WA
    Done, and I believe I've secured another C- for the record book...


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    Jun 2011
    Done! not bad pretty quick..

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    Jumbo DavidSoon's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Hope the answers in the questionaire can help . Pretty much penned my lifetime hobby is just a few minutes ...


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    Tategoi mtsklar's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Wisconsin, USA
    interesting, maybe some big financier is trying to figure out how to broaden the hobby, educate the big box stores and get koi in every back yard in the country. ...HA!

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    Oyagoi kingkong's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    I think I missed the naked question...

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    Sansai redman's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    I should have studied!

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