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Thread: Red color on edge of fin

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    Red color on edge of fin

    I noticed my little shiro has a red irritation on one of its front fins, any suggestions for treatment. I checked the water parameters all is ok no ammonia, nitrite/nitrate zero or hardly reading, ph is okay no new fish, no changes of recent and we do weekly water changes. Salt level is very low probably .001 %. I have been told to apply iodine to it, it does not show any sign of fin rot and all other koi are doing fine. Some people tell me to apply blue kote spray to it as iodine washed off after they are put back in water, what about applying an antiobiotic cream such as neosporin? Let me know your thoughts.
    Rosimeri Tran

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    keep the water quality high, do a good water change of 20% and then salt the pond to .3%
    then simply keep an eye on them all. I see anything wrong other than a bump or bruise?? with good water these things heal themself.
    if it is worse than a slight pink edge and has you worried still then post a picture if you can. pictures help a lot

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