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Thread: Visiting Kodama Koi Farm in Hawaii

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    Tosai alittlepieces's Avatar
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    Sep 2011

    Visiting Kodama Koi Farm in Hawaii

    Had anyone been to Hawaii and got the chance to visit Kodama Koi Farm? Mind to share your experience?

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    I've been there. It's big,impressive and interesting. People there most gracious. Some of the bigger ponds when drained harbor some incredible koi. For me the worst part of the trip was the 6 hr plane ride. the ride back from the airport to the farm at rush hr was a bit frustrating ( parking lot). once there tho.....very enjoyable and worth it all. if you go have fun and take pictures!!!!!!!

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