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Thread: Dainichi talks jumbo tosai

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    Dainichi talks jumbo tosai

    Found this youtube video from Koibito friend, Bram Rohaan, interviewing Shigeru Mano of Dainichi Koi Farm about the selection of jumbo tosai. Some interesting comments about how knowing the different bloodlines helps in his selection of tategoi. This can also be found on KoiQuest's youtube channel. Just go down to the August 2,2011 download titled "shigeru comment"

    KoiQuest's Channel - YouTube

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    Hi Bobbysuzanna,

    Thanks for sharing.

    This video was made because KoiQuestion (KoiQuestion - Choose Your Editon) was able to give away a Showa from Dainichi. Therefore, we made a quiz stating which were the three most important points by picking a jumbo tosai.

    The outcome: Body, Skin quality and pattern.

    Enjoy the video!


    Bram Rohaan

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    Hello Bram,
    Do you know which Koi Dealer the 30,000 Tosais was going to in Thailand?


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    You should get Shigeru to take a bowl of 5-6 koi and ask how he would evaluate for short and long term as well as what role knowing the oyagoi has on his decision. Just a thought for a great video, I would love to see his answers and thought process.

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