I'm searching amongst our many experienced koi-kichi here for some information, please, regarding what some of you may know as the 'Sakura Fubuki' Kohaku pattern, which I believe translates to 'Cherry Blossom Blizzard'. My understanding is this term is used to describe numerous, distinct, but random hi spots on a field of shiroji, but not in the typical 'stepping stone' pattern of a traditional kohaku.

Is this what some also refer to as a 'Flowery' Kohaku? I'm curious to find out if it is a rare pattern, or if it is usually culled out during the selection process at the breeders. I know Sakai releases a few under this description from time-to-time, and assume other breeders must do so as well. The few examples I've seen look quite striking, and seem to command fairly high prices. My guess is, however, they may also not find much favor with more traditional Japanese tastes as they may tend to create a busy or 'agitated' appearance in a pond (?)