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Thread: koi spawning

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    koi spawning

    I was told that if my koi don't go through hibernation that they won't spawn is this true? my koi have never spawned before but they are kept in a indoor pond in the winter and don't hibernate. The fish are 3 years old. thanks cory

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    First, koi do not hibernate. It is best if their water never goes below 10C (50F). A winter low around 55F (13C) is said to be optimal by some. What people call 'hibernation' in koi is actually a slowdown in functions that signifies an on-coming crisis for the fish.

    As to spawning, mature koi do not need much encouragement to spawn. But, it does help to have seasonal variation in water temperatures. For you, that means next summer. Meanwhile, read up on what it takes to raise a spawn and the problems you can have with injuries, etc. I lot of folks would be happy never to have a spawning.

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