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Good call Mike! Besides rarity, I think this goshiki has in my opinion a perfect body. Is it possible to have a fish with better body than this goshiki? Congrats to the dealer/hobbyist who won this fish. She has a bright future ahead of her. I hope to see her again in the show circuits. I also hope that non-gosanke of this caliber will not be excluded for the highest prize at major shows. My following statement might be controversial. Heck, I might even loose a few friends for saying it because many of them are gosanke fans. :-) Let me say that I am as big of a gosanke fan as anyone, but I think it's unfornate that only gosankes and sometimes shiro utsuris get to enjoy the limelight of major competitions. Judges are pre-programmed to only select gosanke for the grand prize. Why is that?

I've wondered the same thing, Sunny...have just always heard "that's the way it is". But there's no denying there are some beautiful non-gosanke koi out there.
Love this thread...miss you Duc! So glad you made it to Japan...what a thrill!