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Thread: Nichirin - (Pond Type)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HEADACHE6 View Post
    Brother David, How does the designed "Square-Rectangular" Shaped Pond keep a Koi growing over a different design ?

    I'm personally leaning toward the current this type pond would have over a Garden Pond.
    Good Day Brother Troy

    I would think , emphasis here would be on length . A square or rectagular pond with insufficient length would still not be an effective pond for growth if movement is constricted . Not so much of a current issue I believe if we gonna look at mud ponds . Generally most mud ponds do not have flow or current unless one that is convenient with a straight flow through , where water comes in from one end and flow out the other . Not easy to come by such ground or healthy water to built one as such ....

    We get to see more and more breeders constructing Long , but Narrow in house concrete ponds . Easy for netting , controllable surface and more of a tail section movement as the fishes turn or avoid collision as they monoeuvre within a constricted width . .....

    My last pond was constructed with a length of 8 meters , but only 2.7 meter width just to see more tail sectional movement as they turn ... I hope I'm right in making that decision

    I would also like to take this opportunity to Wish All Bitoers and Families , A Happy and Koiful New Year 2012 .

    I Wish All Well and Prosperous , and God Bless All .

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    Quote Originally Posted by HEADACHE6 View Post
    I reproduced the statement as is, so I wouldn't lean the thought one way or the other.

    The pond in the photo didn't seem to be shallow and to be of very nice size, so I don't see a lack of area for "Sprinting" as a issue.

    If all things are equal (Gallons, Depth, Filters, Etc.), could there be a reason to have one type pond over another when it comes to Koi development ?
    I have a rectangular pond with a rubber liner as well as a cement oval pond more decorative with similar type of filtration both 7000 gal The difference seems to be that the koi spend more time on the bottom of the cement pond.
    My friend has a pond a lot bigger than mine that is not stocked as heavily
    as well as far Superior filtration I sold him some Momotaro tosai and nisai.
    We feed exactly the same food but for the summer I put my fish out in my mud pond.
    The difference in growth is just unbelievable between a mud pond and a very well filtered and maintained pond. Then again our garden ponds are not a natural environment for the fish rather it is for ourselves.

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