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Thread: Please advise about these Kohakus

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    Jan 2011
    if you are to buy Kohaku, what would you looking for?
    can someone post pictures of your beloved Kohaku and show me why you picked him/her?

    thank you

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    Oyagoi Flounder's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
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    Wow, these are nisai and 13 inches? How long has the dealer been holding onto them?

    I would not choose any of them.

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    Orlando, Florida
    Your question is so simple, but to fully advise on selection of Kohaku requires so much explanation that it takes whole articles in magazines to just skim the surface.

    If buying with an intention to show, then the main factors will be skin quality, pigment quality and bone structure for growth, with pattern simply needing to be acceptable.

    If buying for personal enjoyment, pattern becomes quite important for most folks.

    Especially when buying tosai and small nisai, much attention should be paid to whether the Hi is sufficiently strong to endure. Fading Hi can be a problem when the fish is placed in a pond where conditions are good for growth. So, look for even pigment with no areas of lighter tones or 'hanging fringe' along the flanks.

    I think the best advice is to seek out an experienced koikeeper in your area, or an experienced dealer, and have them teach you about Kohaku selection in person by pointing out the positives and negatives of live fish. There is no perfect koi. All have shortcomings. So, if the dealer says there are no negatives, then the dealer is either not as experienced as he should be or is not reliable. But, obviously, no dealer will emphasize shortcomings of their inventory. They will focus on the positives. So, it can be more polite to ask why one fish is better than another rather than to bluntly ask 'what is wrong with it?'. I have been known to be so blunt. Those who know me understand what I mean, but those who do not know me sometimes take offense.

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