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Thats's how the addiction starts! lol
I got the addiction already, got some koi 5 years ago from a friend, 5 of them about 20 inches and in the fall we went away for a week and come home and they were gone but the goldfish in the other pond were fine. I still think they were stolen, i got out of them for a few years then i just got back into them and my wife says im nuts and spend to much money on them, i would love to get a couple more with potential to grow big. The koi i got now my biggest is about 20 inches, i have no idea how to get koi with good potential. I always got my koi from a pet store but when u but them u never know anything about them and they are 30 koi in a small little tank. If i went to a pet store could they order me in something like this or do i have to order it from a breeder online. Im from sask canada and have no idea where there is a good breader, what would the cost be for a decent koi and how much would shipping be? Thanks for any advice. my outdoor koi pond is 5000 gallons 5ft deepest part with 400 gallons of filtration. My new wintering tanks are 1200 gallon and 2 250 gallon.