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Thread: Pond Maintenance

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    Pond Maintenance

    Please tell us your pond design and your pond maintenance.

    I believe ricshaw has a 10 minute maintenance per week with a very nice pond layout/design. And please explain as much details with pics if you wish.

    Thanks in advance for all that choose to share.


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    Here is my whole setup:

    I have a cylinder shape for my pond at 4 feet deep, 9 feet across. It is made of a tough blue plastic and is essentially a tub/liner in a dug hole. From a retro-drain, water is sucked up to a self-priming pump and pumped through a check valve and then an Ultima 2000 filter and an oversized UV light before it exits into a rubbermaid stock tank. The stock tank is cut at the side to form a waterfall for extra aeration and in it I have a few pond plants and some filter media covered by some pond liner to allow more bacteria to colonize without creating a carpet of algae in the return. I have a diffuser at the bottom for more air. Lastly, there is a drain that leads out into the yard that I use when I perform water changes.

    Because I did not know to oversize the filter when I was buying materials for my pond rebuilding, I have to maintain my pond every 3-4 days on heavy feeding, so I usually backwash the filter, drain some more water, clean the leaf basket in the pump, and check on the pond plants twice a week. (Total 30% water change every week.) The whole process takes 10 minutes on my part, but refilling the pond is slow and takes around half an hour. I set an alarm if I'm not nearby doing yard work.

    I have a total of five fish, four are medium sized all around a foot, and then one larger chagoi of about 22 inches. Before the days that I knew a lick about koi-keeping, the pond was way over-stocked and under-filtered. Parameters were all over the place. Now, from learning mainly from this forum, I have achieved happy and healthy koi with good stable water.

    This picture was taken during a water change. The pond had only been finished several weeks before, so algae hasn't covered the walls just yet.

    My finned friends. Please excuse the glare.

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    Skylar's Pond - 4 months after completion - YouTube

    5,800 gallon inclusive filteration .

    Filteration - Bay Filteration ( 6 chambers )
    1st Chamber - Settlement ( collection chamber ) with DIY Sieve which is cleared at least twice a day .

    2nd / 3rd / 4th Chamber - J Mats
    5th Chamber - pH Buffering agent ( Oyster Shell )
    6th Chamber - Clean chamber

    2 units of Artica Chillers ( 3 HP ) to maintain a temperature between 22 - 25 deh celsius depending on climate .

    2 units of Oxygen Concentrator .
    2 x 120W Hi-Blow for air curtain .

    Current Stocking level - 18 kois

    Maintenence -
    1 ) clearing the DIY Sieve at least twice a day .
    2 ) All chambers are flushed at least once or even twice a day .
    3 ) 10-15 pct water change daily - 10 pct through flushings of chambers through bottom drains and 5 percent through surface over-flow skimmers .

    Water Source - City water , through a water tank .

    Feeds : Varied from time to time - No fixed regime , as feeding would depend on condition of fishes , as well as conditions of water .

    Growth / Health results : No problem with koi health issue so far and monitoring growth till now . Probably will take a couple of years to see results on growth I guess .

    This was the construction video .

    Making of Skylar's Pond - - YouTube


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