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Thread: The Major Awards of the 43th All Japan Show

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    The Major Awards of the 43th All Japan Show

    Hello All,

    I would like to share the pictures I made during my visit to the 2012 All Japan Show.

    Please check the following links:

    Grand Champion: Dainichi wins Grand Champion on the 43th All Japan Show! | KoiQuestion
    Supreme Champion: The Supreme Champion of the 43th All Japan Show is a giant! | KoiQuestion
    Major Awards: The most important prizes at the most important Koi Show on earth | KoiQuestion
    Kokugyo Awards (female): The Kokugyo Awards of the All Japan | KoiQuestion
    Best in Variety Awards:
    The Best in Varieties of the 2012 All Japan Show | KoiQuestion
    Prize ceremony: Jitsuo Takagi handpicked the Grand Champion at the age of nisai | KoiQuestion

    There will follow more in the near future, please check out KoiQuestion - Choose Your Editon for the updates!

    With kindest regards,

    Bram Rohaan

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    Excellent! Thanks for the links.

    BTW, does anyone know who bred the Yamabuki that took Best Hikarimuji?

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    Bram has some great video of visits to momotaro and other koi farms.

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    Bram a very good addition to these pages. It is interesting to see how the system and structure of Japanese koi show awards ( shows going back 50 plus years now) has changed and not changed since the days of the aggie shows in which koi were exhibited.
    Bram could you go into the meaning of the Kokugyo prize, its significance, its purpose and its history? Thanks, JR

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