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Thread: Great Stuff???

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    Great Stuff???

    Gotta Question!!!
    I found waterfall sealant at a Lowes near us but it was $20! And I found Great Stuff for $3. Does anyone know if Great Stuff is toxic to koi? Could I use it to do the same job as the waterfall sealant? I read that can from front to back but could find anything but how to use it. Thanks!

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    Canned foam comes in both minimal & high expansion. Great Stuff for windows, doors & crack tends to have high expansion. The only dilemma w/this is the minor bead of foam around your rock-work may expand & harden into a giant glob. This can then be cut/trimmed once dried ... but cutting into the foam will expose the open cells to the elements. This is also a slight waste considering a 10oz can of foam may have 4oz trimmed due to its high expansion.

    Expansion rate may matter as well considering high expansion isn't as dense once expanded & isn't as strong/effective if you're trying to secure/lock some rocks into place.

    The other draw-back is the creamy yellowish tinge/tint from Great Stuff vs. the black in waterfall foam.

    The black comes from dye & addition of Carbon Black -- carbon black aids in UV resistance ... assuming that this is an outdoor appliction?
    I've seen some foam disentegrate in place over half a season.

    Using a low-expansion black waterfall foam allows the use of surrounding rock dust to be sprinkled on the foam w/o it expanding too drastically at all. This is a builders trick to aid in camoflauge.

    Finally the comparison of how much foam is needed for your application. Some of the waterfall foam are 20oz cans and re-usable.

    Overall it's not going to be life-or-death for the construction process of your waterfall etc. It's more of a convenience issue & tolerance issue in terms of durability outdoors under UV exposure.

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    great stuff is what i use now only problem is the degree of expanding.
    get to much ypou can cut away not a big deal for me as i seem to use to much.anything underwater will grow algae and yellow will go away in time and be covered.anything above water will be seen so use great care on only using a little bit.
    i live in cold midwest and winter has never effected it.i redid waterfall area what 3-4 years ago and waterfall was about 10 years old and still held strong.actually was a beast tearing it apart.

    i have not liked the true waterfall black stuff.expansion was to min. and just did not seem that it wanted to stick very well to the rock.ended up tearing it off and going with the great stuff.

    heck at the price difference you could screw up a few times or if missed a spot can get another can and fill in again.

    far as toxic to fish????
    i say let it cure and has never effected my fish
    Paul Korf

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    Midwest Pond and Koi Society
    Louisville Koi club

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    Thanks y'all. A lot of helpful info!

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