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Thread: Tancho stay or Tancho go???

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    Question Tancho stay or Tancho go???

    Thoughts on this Tancho developing over the years???

    I think the hi is of good quality and I think he's got a decent body and pretty good shiroji. He is 17" now. Do y'all think the hi is only going to deteriorate over the years? Is he to "finished"? Or do you think it will hold? The edges are sharp... I know Tancho koi are very hard to predict but just give me some personal thoughts. Thanks!
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    Can you get a better body picture?


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    Tancho Kohaku is an art form unto itself. I would very much like to have a high quality one. But, since Kohaku in my pond have been prone to shimmies, I do not spend the money to acquire one. I often consider getting a Tancho Sanke, but they are an entirely different art form in my opinion. (Having Tancho and Tancho Sanke compete against one another in show classes makes no more sense to me than putting all gosanke in the same class, but that's how Tancho are judged.) I once had a male Tancho Kohaku that was a marvelous creature, although the body was almost a pale yellow-cream. He attracted much admiration.

    I believe your Tancho needs just a bit more weight to be ready for show, and in that sense is 'finished'. I do not see weakness in the maruten, which often begins to show by the time a koi reaches 17 inches. So, I am thinking there is a good chance of him keeping the maruten, at least for a few years. I have a sense that male Tancho are not partcularly prone to color loss after their third or fourth growth season. That is, by then they are mature and have experienced most of the growth they will ever have. If the maruten is strong and stable at that point, I think the chances are good it will that it will last many more years. But, if weaknesses are then present, he is 'finished' in the 'just takes up space' sense of the term.

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    Thanks Mike!
    I like him and thought he was a good choice. Just wanted some other thoughts. I'm not planning on showing right now (I would just more like to aquire show quality koi for myself... ) but yes; I agree about his weight, which will be fixed when he gets home.
    So, in a good Tancho, you look for Good shiroji, aven hi, and sharp edges on a good, solid circle or a good symmetrical shape right?

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