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Thread: 'Overactive' biological ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingkong View Post
    You are doing just fine JR. I feel like I have just discovered the West. Within a mile from my house I just visited a place where I killed two birds with one shot. A marine coral farm being operated by a gentleman with a masters in Biology and Engineering. The exotic corals are a site to behold with yellow tangs employed for algae control. All chemistry question are answered instantly with no hesitation.
    As far as the Nitrogen cycle and what does what and when I am ready to take it to the next level. The picture is getting very clear as I plan my new Refugium and say adios to the wet/dry.

    Pond walls.... a welcome Biofouling... next to discuss.

    Ok, didn't want to hog your thread. Tell your new bud, small Sailfin tang would be a better choice. Not sure if I'd trust a yellow tang with corals? They do have their own personalities but generally speaking when they settle down they like to nip at corals. If you feed them well they will leave the coral alone more but then again if you feed them well, they will produce a lot of ammonia and you know where THAT leads! More NitrAtes! Which your coral will hate!

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    Just finished a Reef Store tour today. Miami has stores every where. I am in shock over the beauty and the systems being used these days. Bioballs in the wet/dry were strong in heavy use still. The avalability of very exotic beautiful creatures is beyond belief. Going to catch my breath and figure which way to go. This marine stuff make koi keeping a walk in the park so enjoy your ponds...you have it easy compared to a 300 gallon Reef system but looks wise the reef tanks take the blue ribbon.

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    no question! They are magnificant! But they do require attention - a lot more than a koi pond. And that does wear many down over time. They are also quite expensive! A nice 180 gallon fully loaded is conservatively going to cost $7000 before all is said and done.
    And the filter is the least of the issues in a reef tank, Kong. In a full blown reef tank it is the lighting that is everything, and the biofilter is an after thought, Indeed the POINT of the system is NOT LET waste get to the point of being pollution to begin with ! Skimmers, water changes, live sand, refugium is all to head off the nitrification cycle to the greatest degree possible. And only need nitrifers and heterotrophic species as very minor players in the system. This is almost the opposite of koi ponds.

    Its a great hobby so enjoy. And although I pound on phony environmentalist greenies in the outside threads regaridng global warming nonsense, I'm a warrior when it comes to depleting the oceans of reef structure and its inhabitants-- You are blessed in that a lot of species are bred in Florida! Buy captive breed fish only or for the most part ( I just picked up a captive bred mandarin bred in Florida). And coral frags of course are better than wild taken.
    I have masses of star coral I'd give you if you lived closer. It grows in my tanks like string algae! I also have many coral species spawning but don't know how to take advantage of that?
    I think it is important to bring over grown corals to stores and trade them for food or supplies. It makes for a cheap source for the store owner and therefore he no longer orders that particular species off the import lists. NO ONE in my area orders star coral any more! lols , JR

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