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Thread: Sakai Seminar in the NW

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    Sakai Seminar in the NW

    Just wanted to share a few pictures of the event. About 30 folks attended and maybe they would like to comment. Always fun to hear the masters talk and answer questions. Plus was good to get caught up with friends i hadn't seen since last summer's show season... JR, I understand that we may have the honor this year of seeing your presence at the portland ZNA show.
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    Thanks for sharing Coach. Looks like a fairly good turnout for the event. Was curious to know if Toshio Sakai shared any 'pearls' or 'words of wisdom' that you may pass along. Was there any interesting lessons or comments about the gosanke that he brought? I know that Sakai-san has been experimenting his Matsunosuke kohaku line w/ SFF kohaku line. Wonder how that turned out. Inquiring mind wanted to know is all.

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