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Thread: Following the trail----

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    You're an excellent koi keeper David. Understanding the link between pond design and current and organic managment along with the biology that drives the pond's water quality should be the goal of every dedicated keeper. A most rewarding challenge. JR

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    We all have our methods of trying to create as perfect environment as possible. However climate, availability of water or cost determine our ponds or our way of keeping fish.
    I have a friend who located at the other side of Toronto has a perfect pond of 10000 gal. The finest filtration covered by a removable greenhouse for the winter and heated for the winter allowing for about 10 weeks dormancy period.
    I on the other hand have 2 ponds of 7000 gal in a greenhouse and only
    keep the temp at 45f saving a few thousand $ as well as time and food.
    My heating is mostly the wood stove and warmer water from the well.
    For six months other than the first and last month the fish survive. I usually buy a box of Cheerios so I can observe the fish as they come up to eat. I do have an under cement water heating system in case I run into problems but found that there is less of a problem in not feeding during the winter for me.
    I do however have a mud pond and every year the fish are put in it. Slowly one at a time I put them in just to see their joy at being free , they usually swim down and up again several times and then go down to
    the bottom siphoning through the mud. I have often wondered if it is cruel to keep these beautifully fish in unnatural conditions rather than a mud pond.
    Early May one year I received a shipment of tosi from Momotaro. A quick
    quarantine for just a few days and I sold some to my friend with the perfect pond the rest went into my mud pond. Now years later we compared and my fish are much larger and a better skin quality.

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