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Thread: I dream of shiro utsuri

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    Tategoi bobbysuzanna's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
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    I love shiros, but I have had the worst luck. I have had five Omosako shiros, of which three have developed secondary beni
    Oh well, such is the life of the koi hobbyist

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    Nov 2006
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    Quote Originally Posted by vipertom View Post
    I picked two really nice shiros from this batch and found out it was already sold to the same customer
    So you are saying great minds think alike?

    Some very nice shiro utsuri in the video.... I still have a few from the grow out here that are waiting for the sumi to come in...... I know if I re-homed them they would instantly develop sumi and prove me an idiot...so I try to have patience .... and then I see shiro utsuri with the sumi all up and I want a finished one..... patience grasshopper I tell myself...

    Are you going to get a different one then........pictures if you do please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si Van Nguyen View Post
    Thanks jnorth, for that youtube link. That place is not too far away from me. I think I must check these shiros out in person this weekend!
    If you go, can you take some shots of the 5A and 6B. I want to view their bodies...

    Many thanks in advance Si.


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